Finding Evidence One Case at a Time

Sleuth and Spy Work

With more than 30 years of experience, Rich Osborne of Osborne Investigations works hard to serve clients in Blackwood and the South Jersey area. Please take a moment to review a list of the services I offer.

Physical and Electronic Surveillance

Leave it to me to follow a subject and track down his every move. I require a picture of the person. I would also need an overview of the individual's schedule, a description of his vehicle, and any other vehicles that he may use. With your cooperation, I will be able to gather all the information needed to complete the case.

Missing Persons

If someone you know has gone missing, I'll help you find out his whereabouts. I would need information on how long he has been missing, his last known address, and details about his activities prior to his disappearance. Furthermore, you must tell me if a case has been filed and whether it's closed or open.


Asset Research

After conducting a database search, I will be able to identify any hidden assets, whether local or offshore. I can determine account types, as well as the amount in each account.

Workers' Compensation

For this service, I work with insurance companies and claims adjusters. Tell me what you need and I will conduct the investigation based on the information you provide.

Man on Keyboard

Private Investigator

Domestic and Infidelity Investigations

In a sit-down interview, discuss with me why you believe your partner is cheating. After reaching an agreement, you must present me with a full description of the subject. This includes his photo and schedule. I will narrow down my times for investigation and provide a detailed report at the end of each day.

Background Investigations

Furthermore, I conduct criminal and credit-related background checks. I can look into someone's credit reports, criminal records, and driver's license documents.

Additional Services

Divorce/Child Custody |GPS Tracking | Service of Process | Video
Still Photography | Information Services| Insurance Fraud